Sunday, March 15, 2009

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"In a standard formation with five fixed linemen, a play can unfold with 36 different scenarios for who receives the snap and who ends up with the ball -including a quarterback sneak.
In the A-11 Offense, because the receivers and linemen (and even quarterbacks) are interchangeable, the number of different possibilities for what can happen on a given play skyrockets to 16,632."

Scientific American Magazine
Comparing a Basic Pro Football Offense to the A-11 Offense

"The ideas behind (A-11) — two QBs are better than one, what occurs before the snap is just as important as what occurs after it, physical limitations can be shattered by ingenuity —look increasingly to be football's future."

David Fleming, Senior Columnist
ESPN Magazine

“The dimensions of the playing field haven’t changed in over a hundred years, but athletes don’t resemble what they did 100 years ago. Something has to give. There are some football purists who think the game is going to revert back. That’s crazy. People love excitement, entertainment. The game has to adapt to its athletes. Athletes don’t adapt to the game.”

Kurt Bryan
A-11 Offense Co-creator
From the NY Times feature on the A-11

"We're doing futuristic football. We're doing football where every play is innovative, and that's why people find it fun to watch. It's fun to play. Every player has the potential to be a part of almost every play."

Steve Humphries
A-11 Offense Co-Creator
From the Washington Post feature on the A-11

In this A-11 offense, all eleven players can be eligible due to formations, shifts and motion. I have not seen anything like this since my days with the San Francisco 49ers in the early 80’s.

I was a starting wide receiver on Bill Walsh’s first two teams and this A-11 offense reminds me of the same type of innovation we used to surprise most of the NFL with his West Coast offense. Coach Walsh used the passing game to set up the run game by stretching the field horizontally, instead of vertically like most other teams in the NFL. It also became controversial as other teams had problems stopping us. But unlike the high school level, you could not complain to a federation and get the offense banned due to its innovation. So NFL defensive coordinators came up with a cover two zone defense to stop the West Coast offense, and the battle began. The 49ers won five Super Bowl titles with this offense and now 75 percent of the NFL uses some version of the West Coast offense.

The sport of football has not seen an offensive innovation like the A-11 since the days of Bill Walsh. A-11 consists of three pods of players that basically break the field into three parts.Then using motions…formation changes and shifts which causes confusion with defenses, as the eligible receivers are not designated until the ball is snapped. On top of that the offense uses a two quarterback set up adding to the defenses confusion as they don’t know who will take the snap. A-11 is one of the most exciting offenses I have seen in my 30 years of playing and covering football as a sportscaster for ABC 7 here in San Francisco.

A-11 will make football more interesting for its players and fans.

Mike Shumann - S.F. 49er Super Bowl 16 Champion
ABC 7 Sportscaster

"We are having a blast installing the A-11 offense!
I have decided to go to the A-11…100%. Thank you both for taking the time to create the installation manuals. You did a very impressive job and the material is easy to understand."

Dean Davis, Head Football Coach
Jim Elliot Christian HS, Lodi, CA

"The A-11 is going to do to old-style football what the Tank did to trench warfare." SportsNation

"The A-11 Offense is a marvelous advancement in the history of football. However, the blunderous decision in 2009 by the NFHS to restrict the A-11 Offense after it had two incredible seasons around the nation was a disservice to football and a slap in the face to the grander social concept of innovation and the critical importance of having an open mind. The wrong lesson that a younger person might learn from the NFHS error is that research, obtaining prior approval and clearance, and 'outside the box' thinking is rewarded with punishment. When in fact the only way our future generations will succeed is to create and cultivate the same general mindset that spawned the revolutionary A-11 Offense. Creativity, adaptability, courage and unforseen innovation combined with a healthy respect for football tradition embodies the A-11 Offense. Those same traits will be crucial for surviving an increasingly complex world of tomorrow in sports and business. As coaches, educators and football fans it's part of our duty to help young people develop skills that prepare them for the 'real world'. By demonstrating innovative thinking and taking chances we can teach people the upside of doing so, and expose the backward limitations of having a closed mindset. The NFHS odorous decision did not kill the A-11 Offense forever, it merely momentarily delayed the game's exciting future in the larger scope of things. When the A-11 Offense returns most football fans will celebrate its resurrection. Better yet, many football historians will look back upon the successful creation of the A-11 Offense as one of the game's greatest turning points in its outstanding history. The A-11 football coaching staffs and players nationwide will be forever applauded for their pioneering efforts as our great game of football constantly evolves. Change is inevitable."
Mark Miller
Creator of Samurai Football Techniques -
Football Consultant at Every Level

"I have had the pleasure to work with Kurt Bryan at the collegiate level, and have watched him develop the A-11 offense at the high school level. He is one of the more creative offensive minds in our industry at any level. Kurt and Steve Humphries are the ultimate football contrarians, not afraid to sail past the edge of a football world that everyone else believes is flat."

Ian Shields, Offensive Coordinator (NCAA)
ARMY at West Point, NY

“What the A-11 gives teams is more ways to take advantage of your team’s strengths and minimize the importance of your team’s weaknesses. The A-11 has given football players, coaches, and fans a whole lot more. The game of football can never become more than the's impossible to go beyond it.”

John T. Reed
Football Historian & Author of Football Clock Management

“The best part about the (A-11) offense is that the eligible players can change after each play without having to change personnel. Each player wears the number of an eligible receiver, making it appear to the defense that every player is a probable target.”

“...view the A-11 offense for what it really is: brilliant and ingenious. Didn't the forward pass used to be banned? Didn't hitters in baseball used to be able to request a high or a low pitch from the pitcher? Didn't a basketball team have the ability to hold onto the ball for an entire game?"

"Rules change. So do opinions.”

Bryn Swartz
Senior Sports Columnist, Bleacher Report

“I think this offense will change the game of football. When all eleven players are eligible to receive a forward pass, the mental and physical aspects of the athlete are now elevated to a level that has never been performed in this game. The coaching now becomes even more vital due to strategies that are endless on both sides of the ball. All athletes think they are receivers, all want to be a receiver; they now have the opportunity to live their dream with this offense!”

Joel Berry
Head Football Coach
Covenant Christian Academy
(Texas Private School State Champions)

"The A-11 is the most innovative offense since the West Coast philosophy. It is the offensive revolution that defensive schemes will adapt to for years to come. It opens up the game of football unlike anything else in the history of our great game!"

Matt Lewis
Offensive Coordinator
Saguaro High School, Arizona
Three-time Defending State Champions

“The A-11 Offense created by Coach Bryan and Coach Humphries has taken the term ‘thinking outside the box’ to another dimension. The A-11 is truly the next step in the progression of the game of football. If you want to take your team to the next level, you owe it to your program to take advantage of this opportunity. The material that Bryan and Humphries have prepared not only tells you how to run this offense, it allows you to open your mind to explore the endless possibilities. The A-11 is without a doubt a defensive coordinator’s worst nightmare. Get onboard or get left behind!”

Mark Fischer
Head Football Coach
Louisa County High School, Virginia

“But I do think this (A-11) is about something bigger….this is about progress, and what it means for the future of football.”

Michael Weinreb Senior Columnist

Kurt and Steve,

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for putting on such an outstanding clinic on the A-11 for the players at Lakeside. I have had other clinics at the school in the past, but this was a notable experience for me, my coaches and especially the kids. I can't tell you how impressed I was with your organization, the way you communicated as you planned for the time with both coaches and kids, and your enthusiasm for football and the A-11 specifically. All in all, it was a great introduction to an entirely new way to view football, but at the same time recognize that it is still the game we enjoy so much. You and Steve have a great way of presenting this exciting system and I commend you both on all the work you have put in and thank you for making it so available to all coaches.

I heartily encourage any coach who is interested in A-11 or seeking a new system to contact you if they want to be given a new sense of excitement for this great game.

Bill McMahon
Head Football Coach
Lakeside High School
Seattle, Washington

"The game of football is dynamic and ever changing. The A-11 is virtually on the cusp of revolutionizing spread offensive football. It's bold. It's gutsy. I can see it becoming a permanent fixture in many playbooks of the future!"

Tripp Merritt
Head Football Coach (NCAA)
Davidson College, North Carolina

“We decided to add the A-11 to our offensive philosophy because we only had two real lineman and a total of 5 returning varsity players. We did have quite a few athletes that weighed around 170 pounds so we thought the addition of the A-11 would keep us competitive in a league and division where we were the smallest school. We used all of the three lineman sets and added what we call our "nickel" set where we have a trips formation with the addition of our two Anchors all on the same side. This formation was quite successful for us both running and throwing the football. We also added our normal spread and trips formations to keep our opponents from putting just athletes on the field. We ended the season as league champs with a 4-1 League record (6-5 overall) and lost to a school that was twice our size by a score of 35-21 in the playoffs.”

What the A-11 did, was help our team compete and win a League Championship, and also make the playoffs two years in a row. We were picked to finish fourth and in some preseason polls fifth out of six teams. A-11 made football a lot of fun for our players and not so much fun for our opposing defensive coordinators. We also have more kids planning on coming out for football in this spring than in the past few years. We will continue to use the A-11 offense and we will only get better using it. It's the future of football!”

Tom Wallace, Head Football Coach
West Valley High School, Hemet, CA

"In college the A-11 offense can be used in kicking - punting situations, (3rd & long & 4th downs). Specifically, the A-11 makes the spread punt concept more effective because of the offensive threat. Defenses now have to make a decision on 4th down: not have a Punt returner and face a quick-kick rugby style end-over-end punt with no option of a return, or have a Punt Returner and then play 10 defenders against 11 offensive players. Either way the offense in the A-11 can gain a decisive advantage in this situation. Add the time needed for the Defense to prepare its players to play against the A-11, along with the evolution of Punt formations to a "spread concept", and the A-11 is an inevitable step forward in the game of football."

Pete Schneider, Assistant Coach
Robert Morris University, Illinois

"The A-11...allows us to get the ball into our athletes' hands unlike anything else in football today. It is a truly innovative evolution in football as we know it, and we'll be seeing alot more of it in the future!"

Tim Souza
Eagle High School Mustangs
Eagle, Idaho

“Any good high school official who is competent would have no problem officiating a game showcasing the A-11 scheme. It’s really no big deal. We’ve had no complaints from any officials whatsoever that have refereed their games.”

Sam Moriana
Head of East Bay Football Officials Association
Northern Californi

"The A-11 offense should be a part of every offensive coaches arsenal, and defensive coaches better prepare and learn how to defend the A-11 because you will play against it."

Steve Jacoby
Defensive Line Coach
De La Salle High School, CA

“In my 33 years of coaching, rarely have I encountered something truly innovative in the game of football. However, the A-11 offense is revolutionary and will be a huge benefit for any coach that risks thinking outside the box in order to help his team put points on the board. Kurt Bryan and Steve Humphries have put together a playbook and a set of DVD’s that are first class and deserve the national attention that is coming their way. As soon as I implemented the A-11 system into our spread offense, our players attention skyrocketed. Now when I talk about the passing game, running game, play action game, everyone listens because they know they may be “THE GUY” at any time during the game that scores the touchdown. Our new team motto is All For One and One For All. Everyone Eligible! We can't wait for the season to begin.”

George Crace, Head Football Coach
Horizon Christian H.S.
Tualatin, Oregon

"The A-11 Offense is great and our kids love it! It helps equal the playing field for the small schools like us across the country who are usually outmatched or out-manned in terms of numbers. The possibilities of this detailed offensive system are limitless and it's a much-needed evolution of the game!"

Johnny Poynter, Head Football Coach
Bourbon County High School, KY

The A-11 is a change-of-pace from most conventional football offenses. It's an offense for every coach at every level. It's a hybrid of many other systems which allows for balanced game-planning and it is a system that will put points on the board and people in the stands. Coach Bryan and Coach Humphries may have just introduced us to a wave of high-powered, high-scoring and high-flying high school football! A record-breaking offense.

Doug Longero
Head Football Coach
Las Lomas High School, CA

“Whether it is the misdirection of the single wing, the “controversial” introduction of the forward pass or the high flying triple option, the game of football has a great tradition of innovative evolution. Kurt Bryan’s & Steve Humphries' A-11 Offense can certainly be added to the list of exciting and progressive steps in the spread offense philosophy. I look forward to seeing this exciting offense in action …… I just hope that our team never has to defend it! “

Bryon Hamilton
Head Football Coach
Foothill High School, Palo Cedro, CA

"The A-11 offense designed by Kurt Bryan and Steve Humphries takes things to a whole new level. Every defensive coordinator out there better start preparing for this revolutionary new offense. The A-11 offense is explosive and will be a challenge to stop!"

Mike Profumo
Head Football Coach
Livermore High School, (CA)

"Not only is A-11 thinking outside of the box, its spread configuration helps move defensive players out of the box and keep them guessing. It is innovative, safe, and effective for evening the playing field against much larger defenses. Coaches that have low numbers or smaller players should consider implementing this offense. Coach Bryan and Humphries should be commended for their attention to detail in putting together this manual."

Paul Smith
Head Football Coach
Riverbank High School, California

“The A-11 Offense is unique and refreshing. It has a chance to revolutionize the way offensive football is played.”

Tim Landis
Head Football Coach (NCAA)
Rensselaer (RPI) University, NY

“It also spreads the defense from sideline to sideline. It also creates mismatches and, to some degree, you can dictate how the defense will play you. The offense in itself wouldn’t take long to install and I would think would be attractive to the players in the program. The nice thing is that you’re already in your two-minute, no huddle offense with the A-11 when you step on the field.”

Charlie Stubbs, Head Football Coach (NCAA)
Nicholls State University, LA

“(A-11)...Completely revolutionize the game of football.”

Mike Kuchar
Columnist, American Football Monthly Magazine

“A-11 is a significant development in the history of football."

Benjamin Bombard
Columnist, Piedmont Post

“I am an official in the South Bay region in southern California and a traditionalist. I was not sold when I first heard about the A-11, but after getting the chance watch it run, I am convinced that executed correctly it has the potential to be an extremely productive offense. What the A-11 does, if run correctly that other offenses cannot accomplish, is it marginalizes the advantages of a team who has a size advantage defensively. The A-11 increases the amount of area to be covered by each interior defensive player, forcing either: personnel changes and modifications to more traditional defenses, or both.

The versatility of the A-11 allows it to be used by coaches who have quarterbacks with all different skill sets. Running quarterbacks can be effective in the run-and-shoot type plays based out of the offense, relying on slants, dump offs, swings and designed runs. Big arm quarterbacks can also be effective in this system due to mismatches created outside."

Daniel Greenberg
Football Official, South Bay Region
Southern California